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Liquid Soap

 Lavender Liquid Black Soap: 8 oz
Brand: Access Afrika Model: Lavender Liquid Black Soap: 8 oz
Lavender Liquid Black Soap. Lavender Essential Oil is blended with other natural ingredients to create this astonishingly effective black body wash. 8 oz...
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Black Soap Kit
Brand: Access Afrika Model: Black Soap Kit
Black Soap KitKit includes:Black Soap Body WashBlack Soap PasteNatural Black Soap 20% savings!Purchase separately for $11.39..
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Brand: Access Afrika Model: Liquid Black Soap/Body Wash - 8 oz.
Lather into Luxury.Enjoy a brand new shower experience with our Liquid Black Soap. This olive oil enhanced formula will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and purified. Virgin Coconut Oil moisturizes while Shea Butter heals worn-out skin keeping you refreshed and ready to face each day. Made in th..
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Brand: Green Hills Natural Foods Model: Liquid Castile Soap – Un-Scented
The origins of Castile soap go back to the Levant, where Aleppo soap-makers have made hard soaps based on olive and laurel oil for millennia.It is commonly believed that the Crusaders brought Aleppo soap back to Europe in the 11th century, based on the claim that the earliest soap made in Europe was..
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Brand: Access Afrika Model: Shea Butter - Liquid Black Soap - 12 oz.
This Liquid Black Soap: Shea Butter combines the nourishment of shea butter with the benefits of black soap. Shea Butter is known as skin’s best friend. It has amazing properties of healing and moisturizing. There may be no better skin moisturizer out there. It goes right to work on even the driest ..
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Vanilla & Shea Butter Body Wash - 12 oz.
Brand: Access Afrika Model: Vanilla & Shea Butter Body Wash - 12 oz.
Vanilla & Shea Butter Body Wash - 12 oz. Take a moment to remember the scent of the kitchen when holiday baking is going on. Imagine the heavenly, sweet aroma of vanilla baking. Think of the way the delicious smell wafts through the kitchen. It brings back memories of happy times and the people ..
Ex Tax:$10.00
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