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About Us

About Us

CaribStore LLC is a United States based Enterprise.  It’s a  Multi-Seller, Multi-Vendor, and Multi-Shipping eCommerce Distribution channel.

CaribStore’s focus is to help the Caribbean and Afrikan Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) to level the competitive field through our affordable cutting-edge marketing, distribution, and support systems.

CaribStore is an affordable online eCommerce platform that allows you to create your online customizable shopping mall, with your logo, store name, products, shipping, and the payment gateway, it’s your ultimate marketing and promotional platform.

There is No-Middle-Man. No waiting 30 days or more to get paid. 

We have a team that is adaptive to new changes and innovations, that has a creative capacity by staying abreast of the internet of things (IoT) and also displays professionalism by putting customers first and by delivering cutting-edge services and products to our customers and suppliers.

We are an independently owned and operated enterprise and are not associated with any outside board of directors, investors, or shareholders. Our independent status allows us to focus on delivering expertise in Marketing, Sales, and Management overall of an eCommerce platform, so that each client can have optimal results.

We are a client-driven company, therefore, we make decisions in our client’s best interests first and always.

We are focused on where the trend is headed, not where it is today, and thus we are always a step ahead of the market.

We are providing for our clients a top-of-the-line eCommerce service, with security to boot, web hosting, a platform that exposes your company internationally, regionally and locally.

When we tell our clients that we are providing a shopping experience, we deliver just that every time.

Whether you have been in business for years or you are just starting out, CaribStore will help you to extend your reach to potential clients and help you to maintain existing clients. CaribStore also frees you to focus on your core business.

 Some of the benefits of having a CaribStore Account are:

  • No Software to download and configure
  • Everything is online
  • CaribStore management is responsible for all upgrades and security
  • Your store is available 24/7 anywhere in the world
  • Social Media links where you can promote your products and services
  • A small one-time setup fee
  • No monthly fees!
  • CaribStore as your host gets a small percentage of product sales. 

• When you open a CaribStore:

You Are In Business For Yourself
But Not By Yourself
We Are Your Support Team

• Account Executive

  • Our Account Executives are ready to help you to set up your account.
  • Your Account Executive will work with you to identify the products and services you want to have in your store, and the Marketing Strategies you plan to implement locally, regionally and internationally.

• Social Media

  • Social Media is a powerful distribution platform. You and your Account Executive will develop and implement your social media marketing plan.

Our team of experts will also help you to optimize your store by mapping sales and driving sales to the eCommerce platform so that you get greater returns on your investments, this will be done in a transparent way.

Built to serve MSMEs, to place these companies on a global platform, to have a place in serving customers, by giving quality service and providing quality goods in the global marketplace.

We are one platform with a multiplicity of providers, who are fulfilling the needs and wants of consumers worldwide.

We Are Your Online Support Team
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