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Brand: CaribBeing Model: CaribBag
Designed by designer, illustrator, and educator, Andrea Pippins, the Caribpolitan city bag infuses elements of Caribbean life in metropolitan communities: Basquiat, Carnival, beef patties. Bring the islands home!! Made in USA.CaribBeing Fashion..
Ex Tax:$36.00
Brand: Access Afrika Model: Large Leather Bag
Best selling!Large leather tote bags from Niger. Large and portable at 20-24" made out of real leather. Strap is 28" long. Colors vary. Made in Niger...
Ex Tax:$59.95
Brand: Access Afrika Model: Leather Handbag - Black & White
 Leather Handbag - Black & White - Enhance any ensemble with this bold leather handbag in black and white. Black in the center with a traditional African beaded design it has a black and white design on the top and bottom and has two wooden circles for handles. Decorated with beads and wood..
Ex Tax:$38.95
Brand: Access Afrika Model: Leather Wallet: ASSORTED - LG
Large outer wallet measures 7.5" x5", small billfold measures 6.5" x 3", small coin pouch measures 2.5" x 2". Colors and designs may vary...
Ex Tax:$22.00
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